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We have a lot of stories to tell . Both us and our beers. Stories of events, italian evenings spent with friends, in front of a radio, in the noise of a town festival, leafing through a book ..

We founded the brewery with the attached Brew Pub in 2001 and since then it many things of different aroma and fragrance happened. Our beers were among the first in Italy to enhance the non-pasteurized method, low fermentation and the cold chain. We aimed from the outset to quality, purity and fragrance. All combined to achieve without haste and without compromise

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High level proposals , acessible to all

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We are strongly focused towards the ethical micro productions at low fermentation. From which you can not escape, you can’t hide … or you’re capable, or forget it. The absence of fermentation eliminates the unaesthetic sediment on the bottom of the bottle

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Our beers are neither filtered, nor pasteurized. They will clarify after correct ageing in the cold chain. Inside the casks and bottles are “good” microorganisms and “live” microparticles that preserve fragrance, fullness of taste and aroma

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Each production lot is tested by a sensory panel of tasters and our Biersommelier with the aim to guarantee a quality product. We also cooperate with an accredited laboratory which certifies microbiological purity (including equipment)

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Merge the high quality technological systems and a rate of capillary training updates to get our philosophical mission : Knowing what we do and make it look its best


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Birraio / Biersommelier

His training “in the field” begins in 2001 after several courses in Germany (Dipl. Doemens Akademie München) and with the start of the Kaspar Schulz plant at the Brewery in collaboration with two expert Braumeister graduates in the famous University of Weihenstephan

The production, consultancy, the tasting evenings and various update courses continue over the years. The teutonic education is immediately recognizable in his most famous beers: Dunkel, Helles, Weiss and Bock. In 2012 he is awarded the academic title of Biersommelier with “excellent” rating.

In the same year, the birth of the first son Stefano, provides an opportunity for the first non-German beer: the Stephen (IPA), which quickly wins the favor of multiple operatives and enthusiasts. In 2014, awaiting the birth of Maria Laura, Nicola wants to dedicate the project of a Belgian Golden Ale beer (Flanders), but fate decides that the child is born on St. Patrick’s Day … therefore we will find a formidable Irish Stout in her honor (Mary Cat).

Up to now Nicola Vitali is the brewer with the most years of work experience in the province of Brescia and a pioneer in Italy.


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Follow the developement of our products , the events we attend and important tips on eating and tasting

CIBUS 2016

La nostra prima volta a CIBUS in quel di Parma si è rivelata un vero successo. Ritorniamo in Birrificio carichi di stimoli e nuovi ordini!


Anche quest’anno siamo presenti al Vinitalydal 10 al 13 Aprile al Pad.C Stand B41C.


L’Associazione Birra di Lombardia’. A.Bi.Lombardia punta a promuovere la produzione in Italia e all’estero e a sviluppare una filiera

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