Our primary goal is to channel the passion and the beer culture in high level organoleptic proposals accessible to all .
Our 8 beers represent us totally, through them you can have an in depth analysis of our thinking, our feelings and our experience.

The philosophy of low-fermentation and the cold chain combined with the meticulous pursuit of microbiologically pure products and proactive creativity, allowed us to gain great appreciation from the public and professionals … but we aren’t finished yet, we still have a lot of stories to tell.


On the 10th of October 2001, the production of our Craft Beer officially begins. This is our first time ever in the Italian brewing scene. In the beginning alongside the plant, the elite Kaspar – Schulz 10 Hl, there were n.2 fermenters of 10 HL and n.3 10 HL ripeners placed in cells. The current layout includes 2 fermenters of 10 HL, 2 fermenters of 20 Hl, n.3 10 Hl n.10 20 Hl ripeners and 4 horizontal tanks of 10 hl.

meant for finished beer, for packaging or by the glass serving, 2 5 Hl horizontal transportable tanks and 4 horizontal tanks of 10 Hl always for transport to beer events, demonstrations or other pubs. In the packaging area we installed a wash – filling isobaric machine for steel kegs and a fully electronic triblock isobaric bottling, labeling and capping in-line.